Common Mistake Customers Make While Buying Products

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Common Mistake Customers Make While Buying Products

Let’s be honest, everyone could do with a bit of retail therapy once in a while. However, the explosion of smartphones, social media platforms, and big data has made it easier for brands to target consumers with their latest products. 

As a result, if consumers splurge on products that they don’t really need, whether buying online or through direct purchases, it could negatively affect their financial health, especially if paying by credit card.

So to help you avoid some basic errors that could prove to be costly, Excel Promotions has put together a list of the most common mistakes customers make when buying products.

1. Impulse buying

A common mistake customers make in our industry is saying yes to buying a product without knowing the details. Customers make this mistake as they rush and often don’t have the time to make the most feasible decision. Instead, they rely on impulse. They should certainly care about making the correct decision as it will affect their budget, and there may be a better option out there for them. 

The steps to fixing this issue include taking the proper time when making the purchase decision and listening to the brand ambassador as all the details are in the pitch. Finally, and most importantly, they should ask plenty of questions as our salespeople are there to help make the shopping experience fun and informative for the customer. 

2. Not seeking relevant information

Often customers don’t listen and avoid implementing the information provided by the brand ambassador about the products and services. Customers should care about using products correctly as their experience will be a lot more effective.

Steps to prevent this mistake include taking an extra thirty seconds to listen or write down all the necessary details about the warranty, correct use and return policies for all of the products and services laid out by the sales associate. 

3. Not keeping receipts

Another common mistake customers in our industry make is they hesitate to contact the company or brand ambassador after the sale when issues arise with products. It’s essential as 99% of the time, the customer is simply not using the products correctly, and the 1% of the time that the product turns out faulty. The return policy or warranty will cover a free replacement for them. 

Steps to avoid making this mistake include ensuring to keep the receipts after purchase. If issues arise, make sure to contact the number on the receipt and mention the brand ambassador’s name, which will also be listed on the top of the receipt. Our lovely administrators will ensure that the issue is solved as soon as possible. 

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at Excel Promotions.

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